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Hi there! I am Lakshay Arora. Life has gotten very interesting ever since college started. My design perspectives have been opened up and I'm all set to meet new challenges! I am a software developer and a web designer, born and raised in Kharar, a small town in Punjab, India.

For someone who claims to be simple, I've got my quirks. I believe that Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and Fools are those who do not know, Silence like a cancer grows. I am one of those who relish the song choruses and instrumentals more than the coda, my favorite one being the chorus in Real To Me by Brian McFadden. And yes, Mr John W Purcell, thank you :)

Well, more on me later, let's proceed.

Lakshay Arora

Here's My Work



  • La Hangout

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La Player


  • MP3 Player

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Number System InterConverter

Java Swing

  • Bin-Oct-Dec-Hex

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Here's My Work


I am quite fond of playing guitar, started off with a Yamaha F310, now switched to Farida which was a birthday present from my brother. Got the inspiration from him actually. I used to watch him strum his way through some mesmerizing tracks. Although I've been at it for about 2 years now, I'm not nearly half as good as him. But I do play decently.

My work so far has been derivative of Dire Straits and Metallica, but I intend to pursue Lead after I have established myself in the IT industry. My Video Clips are up for scrutiny at La hangout. Do check them out and drop a line if you can, an artist yearns for feedback: good or bad...

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