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Hello. Welcome to Lexicon. Here you'll have a collection of word meanings gathered from websites all over the world, accumulated on a single page. We have designed this page especially for those who feel that they are not able to do enough to hone their English skills, but don't you fret dear friends, because Lexicon is bound to improve your English skills drastically.

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Word: beneficent
Meaning: (adjective) Characterized by or performing acts of kindness or charity.
Synonyms: benevolent
Usage: In 1909, nuns were running more than 1,000 beneficent institutions.

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Word: locavore
Meaning: noun: One who eats locally grown food.
Usage: “Next week we’d be shooting an episode in which Daphne dated a self-righteous locavore, a fellow who raised his own chickens and made his own goat cheese.”
Jennifer Weiner; The Next Best Thing; Atria Books; 2012.

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Thought: If there is such a phenomenon as absolute evil, it consists in treating another human being as a thing. -John Brunner, novelist (24 Sep 1934-1995)