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Hello. Welcome to Lexicon. Here you'll have a collection of word meanings gathered from websites all over the world, accumulated on a single page. We have designed this page especially for those who feel that they are not able to do enough to hone their English skills, but don't you fret dear friends, because Lexicon is bound to improve your English skills drastically.

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Word: jibe
Meaning: (verb) To be in accord; agree.
Synonyms: correspond, match
Usage: I expected to find some discrepancies in the books, but your figures jibe with mine.

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Word: polyhistor
Meaning: noun: A person of great or wide learning. Also polyhistorian.
Usage: “Roberto Calasso is the consummate polyhistor. He has published books on such diverse subjects as Greek and Hindu mythology, Talleyrand and his age, and Tiepolo and his use of pink ...”
John Simon; Paris Review; New York Times Book Review; Nov 18, 2012.

“You have to be a polyhistor to run this place. They don’t call me genius for nothing.”
Clinton Smith; Deep Six; HarperCollins; 2004.

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Thought: The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been. -Madeleine L'Engle, writer (29 Nov 1918-2007)